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Merzouga Sahara, known as the largest hot desert that has a largest natural underground water body in Morocco, featured with vastness, tranquility and quietness, it has a great oases with high dunes. Furthermore, it has been considered as a desert theme park. This  Moroccan Sahara desert is where many experiences and adventure activities are worth being.

Depending on your budget Morocco desert camps offers you different categories of desert camps in the middle of Morocco Sahara which can be your relaxed place in the desert, as well as it offers much more activities like Camel ride, Sandboarding, Traditional dinner & breakfast, night under the starry sky with campfire and music. We encourage you to experience it.

Morocco desert Sahara is the most visited Sahara in north Africa, this wonderful place sees more than 12.3 million visitors in the year. It attracts every tourist who visits Morocco, so they considered their visit to Morocco wouldn’t be complete without the visit of Morocco Sahara Desert.

There are many types of transportations from Marrakech to the Sahara desert, but as we know the public transportation always gets such a hustle and bustle. So we advise you to book a tour to Merzouga Sahara with https://moroccodesertcamps.com whether you are a solo traveler or in groupe, morocco desert camps offers different transportations you could need. In addition to pick you up from Marrakech to Desert Sahara in a comfortable vehicles with the best prices and expert drivers. With possibility to stop in Ait ben Haddou, Ouarzazate, Dades and Todra gorge, also in Tinjdad and Rissani to explore it and then continue to the Sahara desert.

The local people in Merzouga desert Sahara attempt to wear the loose cotton-clothes as an air hole to refresh the body, in addition to the turban called in morocco as “Amama” on their head or Sahara scarf which is a symbol of the Arab Sahara habits. However, it’s common for the tourists to wear whatever they desire, as they can wear the berber nomad dress or a turban to feature the visit of Sahara.

Morocco is famed worldwide for its largest desert of Merzouga. Merzouga desert is where the entire biggest dunes and the best luxury camp take place. The camp has a great services, and sets between the Sahara dunes. As well as the company’s camp can arrange your transfer wherever you come from.

Morocco desert Sahara is absolutely very safe, it is one of the most places where many tourists like to visit and spend nights in, due to it’s safeness and tranquility, as well as a lot of female travelers with or without group tours visit the Sahara desert and they never had a safety issue. In addition, the local people in merzouga desert have blossomed with generosity and kindness.

As you know the weather in the desert Sahara is sunny, we recommend you this 6 items to carry with you during your desert trip : Sunscreen, Wide hat or scarf to protect from the Sahara winds, Camera for picturing in the Sahara, Sunglasses, Good walking Shoes in addition to trouser or long short for the camel ride experience.

There’re many ways to get to the Sahara desert, but the best way is to get a car with a driver. This way you will be free to stop whenever you want to explore sites and take pictures along the way, Here you can contact morocco desert camps to arrange your transfer from any city you are,  morocco desert camps offers the best vehicles with prices and expert drivers ( Air-conditioned, 4WD, minivans, …).

The closest airport to Merzouga Sahara desert is Errachidia airport. However the secret behind visiting the Sahara desert is the way to get it, where you will pass through the Atlas mountains to see the magnificent landscapes of Morocco such as Tizi n’Tishka pass, Kasbah Ait ben Haddou, Dades, the rock walls of Todra gorge and other landscapes of Southeast morocco.

The desert Sahara attempts to give every season it’s worth as it features with the natural atmosphere. The weather in Merzouga sahara desert is extremely sunny especially in the summer, but as the winter comes it becomes so cool.

Once you visit Morocco, you shouldn’t leave without riding camels, either in Palmeraie near Marrakech, The oasis town of Zagora or in Erg Chebbi in Merzouga desert. However, the best place to ride camels in Morocco is the Sahara desert of Merzouga, during sunset, across the desert dunes. It is the most important part of the visit of Morocco as it makes people fascinated with the experience of exploring the Sahara by camels.

Merzouga desert Sahara is the best desert in morocco that is worth the visit, it gives the chance to see myriad sites like Rissani and Khamlia village.  Also it has the largest sandy oases and the great sand dunes of Erg Chebbi, which considers as the most popular desert dune among the tourists.

Morocco desert camps located in the southeast of Morocco in Merzouga desert, Erg Chigaga desert and Agafay desert. However, the company’s office is based in Marrakech where the management of transferring the tourists begins, from Marrakech to the Sahara desert and vice versa.

The perfect time to visit Merzouga desert is when the weather comes across the winter, fall or spring. Which starts from September to May. Because the Sahara desert in the summer (July and August) might be so hot.

Exploring the Sahara desert is recommended on one night in the camp minimum. But if you have much time it’s better to spend 2 nights exploring the Sahara and its surrounding area where you will meet with a nomad family, as well as doing such activities like Camel ride during the sunset and listen to Berber music in Khamlia village (Tuareg) with spending the night in the Sahara desert camp.

There is no airport within the Sahara desert. However, people land in Marrakech Menara airport or Casablanca or Errachidia and then start their trip to the desert either by booking the tour with accommodation via https://www.moroccodesertcamps.com/contact/ or drive themselves.

People in Morocco desert Sahara are a traditionalist people, so they attempt conventionalism and wear a turban as a traditional custom to protect themselves from the sun and wind of the Sahara desert instead of the hats.

During your camel ride you have to wear a long short or trouser for the camel ride experience, wide-clothes with pockets or just bring your backpack for water bottle, in addition to a Sahara scarf that can turn as a turban on your head to protect yourself from the Sahara winds.

Indeed wearing shorts on a camel ride is common, but it’s better to wear long pants because the camel skin is scratchy and thermal so take clothes that allow you to sweat and let your body breathe.

Turban or Sahara scarf is one of the customs in the Sahara desert, people in the Sahara wear turbans because it’s the traditional way that protects from sun, wind of the desert.

There are no restaurants in the middle of the Sahara desert, but once you travel to the Sahara desert you should book a camp stay where you can spend the night including the provision of food.

Throughout your trip from Marrakech to Sahara desert you will see a lot landscapes and places that every tourist should visit in morocco such as Tizi n’Tishka pass, Kasbah Ait ben Haddou, Ouarzazate, Rose valley, Dades, Todra gorge, Tinjdad, Rissani and Draa valley.

Sure not as we mentioned before there is no airport in the Sahara, you can either land in Marrakech or Casablanca or other cities, then you might book your desert tour to Merzouga Sahara Desert.

Ouarzazate, Skoura, Dades and Todra are the intermediary points between Merzouga desert and Marrakech, where the evening almost falls, it’s 258 km from Marrakech and 270 km to the Sahara desert. Here you will get the best hotels with prices to stay in.

Errachidia is a small city near Merzouga desert Sahara, it’s about 2 hours drive, so you can either take taxi, rent a car or get a private transfer with Morocco Desert Camps

Many tourists book their desert tour with morocco Desert Camps by checking the desert tours in
https://moroccodesertcamps.com. The company ensures them by fixing an itinerary for their dates with the best prices and relaxing transportations while taking care of every smallest detail of their clients.

Erg Chebbi “The great dunes’ ‘ is a part of the Sahara desert located in southeast of Morocco, it has been described as a wonderland of sand, many people call it the Merzouga desert because of its closeness to Merzouga town.

The prices to stay in morocco desert camps can be dependent on your travel period and activities, for example how many days or nights you spent in morocco desert camps and which activities you have done (trekking, sandboarding …). To get the prices contact us and enter your dates.

The visit to Morocco won’t be complete without a desert tour in the Merzouga Sahara. The desert offers myriad activities and experiences such as camping, camel ride, quad bike, sand boarding, hiking, trekking, and the evening entertainment.

In morocco you can tackle your tent whenever you desire, either in the mountains or forests. As well as Morocco is the greatest destination for camping. and one of the most popular luxury camps is Morocco desert camp situated in the middle of Sahara desert.

There are many deserts that tourists visit in Morocco, such as Agafay desert near Marrakech, Merzouga Sahara desert, Erg chigaga and Erg Chebbi located in the southeast of morocco country.

Morocco Desert Camps can help you to arrange your trip from Casablanca to Sahara by offering the itinerary and transportation. On your tour you’ll explore the secret of morocco and discover the most popular surrounding places, as you could follow the spectacular sites of morocco, begin by Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes, Fes, Ifran, Midelt, Errachidia, Erfoud and Merzouga desert Sahara.

Traveling to Merzouga from Fes by public transportations is difficult due to the distance between Fes and the Sahara desert. And the only way to travel in a comfortable vehicle is to book a 3 or 4 days tour from Fes to Merzouga Sahara with Morocco Desert Camps and manage your trip with the best prices.

The distance between Marrakech and Merzouga extends to 597 km in 9 hours 57 min, while you need to spend one night in Ouarzazate or Dades. There is no direct train from Marrakech to the Sahara desert. We recommend you to book a car with driver by https://www.moroccodesertcamps.com/contact/ to enjoy the Atlas mountains and stop for picturing throughout your way to the desert, as they offer the best services with prices.

The Sahara desert gets colder when the sun goes down winter season or during the night, when the heat that is in the sand completely changes into the air. And because there’s no sunlight to reheat it, it becomes colder than before.

There are many hotels in the Merzouga desert, but nothing worth experiencing like camping in the heart of the Sahara and spending a night under the starry sky. Morocco Desert Camps is an opportunity to touch the peace & quietness of the Sahara desert.

During the day, Morocco Sahara reflects the sunlight and gets more yellowish, but as the sun sets down it changes reddishly. It is a golden part on the earth that speaks in a thousand colors.

Merzouga Sahara is a small dusty city within Morocco, located in the southeast of morocco. It is the gateway to the vast Erg Chebbi dune and many other landscapes.

Every part along the way to the Sahara desert is worth seeing, many tourists prefer to visit the Sahara because it gives the opportunity to refresh the human soul. Besides, the Sahara desert considered as the wide place for adventure seekers.

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