Fes is a cultural and spiritual city that was founded in the 9th century. Located in the northwest of Morocco, it is the capital of Fes-Mekness region and it is considered as one of the oldest cities in Morocco. However, the city is known for its rich cultural heritage, history and a magnificent architecture and characterised by its narrow streets, traditional Moroccan houses, mosques and Souks. There are many historical sites in fes that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Firstly, Fes is a home to many historical sites that reflects the city’s rich history, two of these sites are recognized by UNESCO as word heritage sites including Fes El-Bali which is the oldest part of the Medina. It is famous for its bustling souks where you can find colorful spices, herbs and traditional crafts. Besides to the leather tanneries, pottery and carpet weaving industries. The Merenid tombs is another historical site. Located in the south-estern part of Fes and were built during the Marinid dinisty who roled Morocco from the 13th century to the 15th century, the tombs are made from red sandstone with an intricate decoration, it is surrounded by beautiful gardens and offers gorgeous views of the city.

Fes City Tour:

Secondly, Fes city offers many attractions for you to explore, from ancient palaces and tanneries to mosques and madrassas. For instance, you can start your trip from the Royal palace of Fes. That built in the 19th century. It is an exemple of Moroccan traditional architecture and now it is a museum that shows the Royal family’s artifacts. As well as the Al-quarawiyyin Mosque and university which is an architectural masterpiece. And considered as the oldest one in Morocco. Its surrounded by beautiful gardens and courtyards and it is a major center for Islamic learning. Also, other ancient buildings such as Bou-inania medrassa. Built by the Merenid sultan Bou Inan. The Medersa is an Islamic school of learning and one of the most popular monuments. To visit in Fes. Then, you can stroll around the Al Attarine souk. And move on to explore the Fes tanneries that are located in the historic Fes El-bali. They known for producing leather goods using traditional methods. As you can watch the process from the viewing platform.

Fes is a fascinating and must visit destination for everyone. Who interested in exploring Morocco’s blend of history, culture and diverse range of attraction. Check out the following itineraries for more recommendations!

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