Morocco luxury camp

Transport: Whether you are departing from Marrakech, or any Moroccan city, our driver guide will take you to your Morocco luxury camp in the desert.

Equipment: The camp is well equipped with private luxury tents with clean bathrooms and toilets.

The restaurant:  our professional cooks prepare divers meals. So you will taste good Moroccan dishes concocted by the chef of the camp kitchen, tagines, couscous, salads, and machoui …
Activity at the camp: You can attend Berber music shows, or listen to Moroccan berber music and dance with the nomads around the campfire. The evening shows and festivities are just amazing. The views of dunes of the Sahara are beyond description.
Camel Rides are regulary organised to explore the Sahara Sand Dunes: Your camel guide will take you on a Sahara Sand Dune ride, you sit at the beautiful sunset in the dunes. you can also get up early in the morning to see the magical sunrise in the sahara.
A quad dune exploration activity is also possible for those who are interested. Our guides will assist you and help you explore the Sahara dunes. So, if you are planning to visit Morocco Deserts, Call us for Tour guide  and camping.