Moroccan Hammam and Spa in Morocco, is a traditional spa experience that dates back to the Roman Empire and was later influenced by Islamic culture. It is an integral part of Moroccan culture and has been used for centuries for both healthy and curative purposes. Moroccan hammam consists of a series of rooms heated by a fireplace, with temperatures ranging from warm to hot.

Types of Hammams:

There are two types of traditional hammams in Morocco, public and private. Public hammams are typically found in old medinas and are used by both men and women. Private hammams, on the other hand, are often part of riads (traditional Moroccan houses) and are reserved for family use or for guests. Firstly, we can start with the first room, famous for its warmth. This room used to relax and refresh before entering the vapour room. Here, you can wash your hands and feet and prepare for the steam bath. The second room, known as the steam room, is where the magic happens. The temperature in this room can reach up to 100°F (38°C), and the air filled with steam. You will give a traditional Moroccan black soap to wash yourself with,.

Once you have enjoyed your traditional experience, you can relax in the steam room and let the toxins leave your body. Moreover, the third and final room, known as the cooling room, is where you can cool and relax. The temperature in this room is much lower than the previous ones, usually around 70°F (21°C). As well as, you can also enjoy a cup of mint tea and chat with your friends or the hammam attendant. Regular visits to the hammam can help improve circulation, detoxify the body, and reduce stress levels. The heat and steam also help to alleviate muscle pain and stiffness, making it a popular treatment for arthritis and other ailments.


Moroccan Hammam is not just a place to cleanse your body but also a place to relax and rejuvenate your mind. It is a social experience as well as a special experience to learn more about Moroccan culture. Moroccan hammam where people come together to connect and unwind. Whether you’re a tourist looking for a unique cultural experience or a local looking for a way to de-stress, the Moroccan Hammam is definitely worth a try. Book your adventure tour with and enjoy the most adventurous tour around Morocco.

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