Where to get Saffran in Morocco? Saffran is a Moroccan spice that often picked up from the crocus sativus flower. Saffran always known for its color, strong flavor, unique fragrance and a high quality. However, the Moroccan Saffran also known for its expensive price because of the intensive labor force of picking the delicate stigmas from the flower. The Saffran crocus flower has tree stigmus which are hand picked then dried and finally used as a spice.

The Moroccan Saffran has a long history, its origions in the country dating back to the 8th century when the Arabs introduced it to the country. However, the climate and soil conditions of Morocco are suitable environment for saffran growth which ensures its high quality. Now Morocco considered as one of the largest producers of saffran in the world with the majority of production coming from the city of Taliouine and Quelaât Mgouna.

In Morocco you can get Saffran from many local markets especially spices stores. Additionally, the perfect place to buy Saffran in Morocco is Safi city. Which known as “the city of saffron” because of the city’s location on the Atlantic coast which made a perfect port for exporting Saffran to other countries. it a hub of saffran production for centuries. However, Safi city is a home to many cooperatives and buisiness implicated in saffron trade.

Saffran is an important spice that widely used in Moroccan cuisine. As well as in other foreign cuisines such as Spanish and Italian. It often used in Moroccan traditional dishes such as tagines, soups, couscous and pastillas. However, it is an essential ingredient in Moroccan cuisine because of its unique and strong flavor and also its health benefits adding richness to traditional dishes.

Saffran also known as “the Golden spice” because of its uncountable benefits and uses. It plays a significant role in Moroccan cuisine. Adding a unique flavor to the traditional dishes. It also used in many other fields such as cosmetics and perfumes. Book some of our tour packages to explore Morocco.

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