How to Ride A Camel, step by step to Camel rides. One of the most activities that is associated with desert regions of the world especially in places like Morocco and the Middle East. However, camel riding is a form of traditional transportation that has been practiced for centuries in desert regions. Today, camel riding is a popular tourist activity that involves riding a dromedary or a group of camels to explore the desert landscapes in a unique manner. However, in this article we will provide you with guide on how to ride a camel.

Riding a camel is an exciting experience that can be challenging especially if you are new to it, but with the right guidance and preparations you can enjoy this activity. so, here is a total guide about the preparation and steps that will help you to enjoy a safe ride. The first thing to pay attention for is dressing, wearing appropriate and comfortable clothes that covers your arms and legs such as loose and lightweight or long sleeves and do not forget to bring a hat, sunglasses, and apply sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. Besides, staying hydrated is important because of the hot environment, so drink plenty of water before your ride and carry a bottle of water with you as well.

Tips for camel rides:

Camels are a large, tall and intimidating animals, but they are generally gentle. They known for their ability to go long periods without water and also known for walking on sands without sinking. However, camel riding is a traditional activity that has captivated the heart of travelers for centuries. In addition, riding a camel requires a good sense of balance, after approaching your Camel slowly, the camel will be sitting on the ground with its legs, then you have to stand beside the saddle and wait for the handler’s instructions. Place one foot in the stirrup and keep your back straight, then swing your other leg over the camel’s back, and sit down gently in the saddle, hold on, and try to move with the camel not against it, as the camel will rise in a two steps, first its back legs and then its front legs. Once you have found your balance, relax and enjoy the trek.

Trekking in the desert is an enjoyable and exhilarating activity that allows you to explore the charming beauty of the desert’s landscapes, and it is also a great way to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of cities and daily life. However, trekking is also a way to discover new cultures and meet new people. However, camels adapted to desert environments. And can navigate the terrain easily, just trust your camel and treat it with respect. And kindness to avoid sudden movements to have a safe trek.


Camel riding in Morocco sahara desert is a popular activity for tourists visiting the region. It is a unique activity for adventurers. It allows you to explore the vast desert landscapes and enjoy the natural views of this charming desert. However, by following these steps and tips you can ensure a safe and enjoyable camel riding experience. Whether you are trekking through the Moroccan Sahara desert or exploring ancient trade routes. Your camel ride is sure to be memorable.

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