Khamlia village holds a treasure of cultural richness and musical heritage. It is known for its vibrant Gnaoua music, a captivating mixture of African rhythms. And romantic melodies that have been passed down through generations. Gnaoua music is deeply rooted in the historical traditions of the Gnaoua people. They originally migrated from sub-Saharan Africa to Morocco. Their music is a coalition of ancient African traditions, and Moroccan impacts, resulting in a unique sound. When you step into Khamlia village, you will be wrapped by the rhythms and melodies that prevail in the air.

A visit to Khamlia village provides a glance into the world of Gnaoua music. And an opportunity to witness live performances by talented musicians. The village is home to several skilled Masters who have led the Gnaoua groups for centuries. These masters are highly respected for their mastery of traditional instruments,

Immersing yourself in the rhythms and melodies of Gnaoua music by attending a performance or participating in a traditional ceremony. Witness the intense energy and passion of the performers, as the music is often accompanied by ritualistic dances and invocations. Creating a powerful and spiritual ambiance, that makes you lose yourself in the deep connection between the music, the musicians, and the audience.

Beyond the Gnaoua music, a visit to Khamlia village allows you to explore the artisanal traditions of the village. Many local craftsmen specialize in creating traditional instruments, woodwork. And beautiful handicrafts, where you can explore their artistry firsthand and even try to learn traditional dance steps. In addition, enjoy the flavors of Khamlia through its delicious Berber cuisine and dive into traditional Moroccan dishes while being surrounded by the Gnaoua melodies. To complete your Morocco cultural experience, and create an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression.


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