The flag of Morocco is the flag used by the government of Morocco and has served as the national flag of Morocco since 17 November 1915. It has a red field with a green pentagram in the center. The Moroccan flag is more than just a bright piece of fabric. It is a deep sign that represents the Kingdom of Morocco’s history, culture, and identity. It has a lot of meaning and symbolism packed into its bright red background and famous green circle in the middle.

The flag of Morocco, also called the Al-Istiqlal flag has a bright red background with a green star in the middle which has a deep meaning. The green star represents the five pillars of Islam and the red stands for bravery and honor, it also represents the blood of the ancestors and the unity of the country. The five pillars are the most important ways that Muslims pray and show their loyalty. Green is a color that can often linked to Islam and stands for hope. Wealth it is often associated with Islam.

The Moroccan Flag:

The Moroccan flag is a common sight in the streets of Morocco. It can found flying proudly in both towns and medinas. However, you will find many Moroccans will proudly. Tell you about the history of their country and their flag. Which has a long and interesting history. However, In the 20th century, Morocco was under the rule of France and Spain. Local flag traditions were restricted. The red flag could only be flown inside the country’s borders. It was prohibited from being flown at Sea. The Moroccan flag is now totally red with a green five-pointed star. In the middle as it was in the past. This flag was put on the Moroccan flag by Royal Order in 1915. And it has served as the country’s official symbol ever since.

Morocco’s past, culture, and sense of self all strongly represented by its flag. The red background stands for bravery and honor, and the green pentagon shows the country’s Islamic history. The Moroccan flag still flies proudly, marking a country with a long and interesting history.

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