Morocco is known for multilingual people with different languages. However, the official language of the country is Arabic. Arabic, which includes modern Arabic and dialect, the modern language or we can say academic language is truly used for official purposes, including education, media, government, and business. Rather, Arabic dialects widely contain a different tongue spoken in various regions of Morocco.

In addition, Morocco is also known for the Berber language, also known as Amazigh or Tashlhit and it is recognized as an original language in Morocco. Berber or Tamazight is extremely spoken by several regions, especially in the rural areas, such as the Atlas Mountains. As well as, there are several different Berber dialects spoken throughout Morocco country, including Tamazight, Tashelhit, and Tarifite.

Otherwise, French and English languages also have a significant presence in Morocco, French may be used in business, education, and government institutions. English is particularly used in tourist areas and by individuals working in the tourism industry. However, proficiency in English may vary among the general population as it is among the new education system.

Many Moroccans are bilingual in Berber, Arabic, English, and French, often serving as a second language in the country. For many around the world, morocco is not just for Berbers French, or even English speakers, morocco is a multilingual country known for its variety of language speakers such as Italian, Chinese, German, and Spanish speakers.

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