Our 4 clients from America produced a road trip experience in a two-minute Video Tour in Morocco. They start their Morocco Desert Tour from Marrakech; a bustling city known for its bustling markets, enchanting architecture, and warm hospitality, Marrakech serves as an ideal starting point for exploring the diverse landscapes and cultural wonders of Morocco. And continue through southern Morocco via the Sahara desert and Fez to reach The northern and the gateway to European Tangier city. As an exciting Morocco tour option that you can embarked upon from this captivating destination.

She described their Morocco tour as follows:

“We took a road trip to Morocco starting from Marrakesh through the Sahara desert. And all the way up to Tangier with Morocco Desert Camps. And this is how it went:

Hi, my name is Joy, and I just got back from a 3-week trip across the Mediterranean with my friends, and these are memories of a Mediterranean summer when planning the Morocco leg of our trip.  I knew I wanted my friends to experience several cities in Morocco, as well as the Sahara desert but the gag is, the last time I was in Morocco, all these excursions were handled by my study abroad program.

Planning a road trip in a country in which you are not a local, all by yourself is something I would never recommend doing. So we went the travel agency route. And we booked our trip through Morocco Desert Camps, and cannot express how utterly wonderful it was to work with them. All I did was reach out to the agency over WhatsApp, after doing some research online, and they handled the rest. Literally everything I could ever think of the best part is that the entire tour cost 400$ per person, including all accommodation.

On day one we started in Marrakesh made a stop in Ait Ben haddou rode to Ouarzazate and, spent the first night in Dades. After that, the next day we passed through the Todra Gorge, had a refreshing stop in Merzouga where we took photos, and dipped our feet in the pool, and got on camelback for a two-hour journey through the Sahara Desert dunes to our desert camp. After a night in the desert, we went to Fez where we spent a night stopping by Ifrane. On the way to the last leg of our Moroccan road trip. Led us to Tangier where we would catch the ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar to Spain. All our adventures aside our driver Mohammed, was truly one of the highlights of the trip.

Throughout our trip, Mohammed had Wifi in the car and blasted the AC Mashallah because it was hotter than Jahannam. When he found out I had lived in Morocco for a few months. He insisted on ‘Enti Maghribia’ and entertained my attempts to speak Arabic. He asked: why did you study Drija – Moroccan Arabic Dialect? I said: I didn’t study Drija, I studied Fusha – Modern Standard Arabic at the University –. After seven years of not speaking the language, it just isn’t what it was anymore. We treated stories to pass the time, and of course, sang alone to Arabic songs – Sang. It was as wholesome as this emotional support tagine. That my sister bought it during one of our stops we named him ‘ Tarek the Tagine’. All in all, 100/10 experience ..

Overall, if you are looking to book an excursion throughout Morocco, Morocco Desert Camps is your best friend. Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement, it’s simply a review from a very very satisfied customer. We were treated well, kept safe, and in constant communication. All in all had such a great time. Thank you for listening and stay tuned for more ..” Joy Malonza.

Otherwise, you can find the road trip video via Morocco Desert Camps.  As well as a wide range of our Desert Tour packages here. You would be surprised how much there is to do and see in the desert. However, it’s vitally important that you do it with an expert guide. Choose Morocco Desert Camps for an adventure tour to be your next feature in Morocco.

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