There are many activities to do while visiting Merzouga desert. A mighty desert oasis with thousands of dunes, located in the heart of Morocco. With its diverse landscapes and cultural richness, it offers an opportunity for adventure seekers. From tranquil sunrises to exciting desert activities, each experience leaves an incredible memory on those fortunate enough to traverse its sands. This article will show the top 6 things to do in Merzouga desert.

1- Camel Trekking:

One of the most important activity that included in all our tours, is camel trekking adventure. Starting your explorative journey atop a camel either at sunrise or during the sunset. You will get the chance to tour authentic Berber settlements and discover the locals’ traditions and lifestyles. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing and footwear that can withstand the heat and sand in the Sahara desert.

2- Overnight Desert Camping:

No desert tour is complete without spending a night in a desert camp in the middle of the Sahara. Immersing yourself in the desert lifestyle by spending a night under the African sky full of stars allows you to gain memories that last for a lifetime. The desert camps offer a cozy setting in the middle of the dunes, featuring traditional music, delicious Moroccan cuisine, and the tranquility of the desert night.

3- ATV Quad Biking Adventures:

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, an ATV Quad biking adventure through the vast expanse dunes of the Merzouga Sahara Desert is a must do activity. While touring Morocco desert, you can manipulate sand dunes, explore hidden gems, and traverse the sandy terrain of Merzouga desert, all while enjoying the thrill of this exhilarating adventure.

4- Visit Khamlia Village:

Khamlia village is nestled in the middle of Morocco’s Sahara desert. Khamlia is one of the best attractions in Morocco where you can experience Gnaoua music with Moroccan culture, we suggest the visit of Khamlia as a unique and special place to visit in Morocco, this small village and its people give a unique glimpse into a rich and complex cultural tradition that has been remained for centuries.

5- Explore Erg Chebbi Dunes:

The fabulous Erg Chebbi dunes are located on the far western edge of the Sahara. Knows as one of the famous and largest dunes in Morocco Sahara with a height of over 500 feet. Visitors head to take a trek through this majestic dune of erg Chebbi, capturing the ever-changing colors and shapes of the desert sunsets. While enjoying the breathtaking scenery that offers a photographer’s paradise.

6- Witness the Desert Sunset & Sunrise:

While most visitors enjoying adventures in the desert. However, nothing compares to witnessing the desert sunsets and sunrises as the sun rays reflect the golden dunes and give an impression that mixed with a thousand colors.

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