Visiting the Sahara Desert from Fes, a guide to Desert tours from Fes in Morocco, the charm of this northern African country is presented in it’s captivating landscapes, and cultural diversity, one of it’s most iconic destinations is Merzouga Sahara Desert where travelers can stargazing their experience, embarking on a journey from Fes to Merzouga desert, promises an unforgettable adventure through the Atlas Mountains, filled with scenic beauty, cultural richness and unique desert experience.

Journey from Fes to Merzouga desert:

Starting your journey from Fes to Merzouga desert is an absolute bargain through the middle Atlas Mountains. While visitors leaving the bustling ancient medina of Fes behind, with its vibrant streets and historical landmarks, to travel into the southern country. The journey from Fes to Merzouga is literally painting hill’s scenes, lush valleys, and traditional Berber villages. It is an adventure showcasing breathtaking vistas and opportunities for nature enthusiasts to immerse themselves in hiking or simply enjoying the mountainous tranquility along the Atlas Mountains. As travelers taking their trip towards Merzouga, they can be enchanted with several stops along the way. Starting by the famous stop which is Ifrane, often referred to as the Switzerland of Morocco, due to its clean streets, European-style architecture, and surrounding cedar forests of Azrou city which is also another stop for nature seeking.

In addition to the visit of cultural spots of Erfoud and Rissani, located in the Southeast area next to Merzouga desert. Stating by Erfoud, a city known for it’s fossil products that offers insight into the geological history of Morocco. Visitors almost visit fossil workshops, learn about ancient marine life, and even take somes fossil souvenirs with them. While Rissani promises a glimpse into the imperial past of Morocco. Famous for it’s traditional local souk, attracts as a treasure trove for authentic Moroccan handicrafts, spices. And traditional garments, making it a perfect stop to shop souvenirs and cultural immersion.

Merzouga desert:

Arriving in Merzouga desert is like stepping back in time for a dream woven with endless Horizons and golden sands dunes that reflect the sun and paint the sky in hues of orange and gold colors, The desert area, located in the southern part of Morocco, near the Algerian borders, welcomes travelers from around the globe with warm hospitality and a glimpse into centuries-old traditions with desert experiences. One of the most famous experiences in Merzouga is a exploring the beauty of the Sahara with a camel trek into Erg Chebbi dunes, head off the back of these gentle creatures to traverse the mesmerizing sand dunes, and witnessing the sunset or sunrise over the golden dunes, and breathtaking landscapes.

In addition to spending a night under the desert sky in a desert camp. Which considered a highlight of any Merzouga desert Trip. A desert camps in Merzouga promises a glimpse into traditional nomadic lifestyle, with luxury tents. Delicious cuisine, charming music and campfire, with stargazing opportunities under the vast African sky. Adventure seekers can experience sandboarding or exploring the Sahara. With quad biking across the sandy terrain. And adding thrill to their desert adventure with a visit to Khamlia and Gnaoua village. As a home for cultural exchanges with the black people hospitality and music performance. Visitors can share mint tea, with the local nomadic families as a symbol of friendship, learning about their tradition lifestyle, and enjoying live performances of ganoua music.


As Merzouga adventure comes to an end, visitors always find themselves infected with unforgettable memories. And a deeper appreciation for Morocco’s diverse landscapes. And rich cultural tapestry. As well, they can either return to Fes, or continue the journey to Marrakech. To enhance their desert adventure, as they travel along the Atlas Mountains. Taking it as an opportunity to explore the southern part of Morocco. With its vibrant culture and customs, visitors can visit Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou. As well as Dades and Todra gorges. Book your desert tour with us.

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