When is the Best time to visit Morocco? Morocco is an enchanting country located in the north of africa,this kingdom is famous for its deversity, mesmirazing landscapes and cultural richness. While visiting morocco its most recommanded to do a desert tyour from marrakechas it is one of the best tours in Morocco. The best time to visit Morocco is Autumn (September – October – November) and Spring (March – April – May), to avoid the extreme cold nights of Winter and the scorching Summer, as well, make your Morocco vacation more comfortable and fantastic especially your Desert stay.

Besides, Morocco is beautiful whatever time you choose to visit it, beyond the seasons in between that always provide an ideal conditions with temperatures, there’s something special for every season in Morocco. Although Summer gets mighty hot for those not comfortable with high temperatures. Yet, it is an amazing idea to explore and enjoy the cool beaches of Mediteranean ocean. Furthermore, the Winter also worth the desire for the cooler visit of the Sahara desert of Morocco, in addition to the cheapest rates of the tourists reversed Summer or other seasons.

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