How much should I tip in Morocco? A question cames to the mind of evey traveler willing to visit this enchanting country. However, Morocco is a beautiful country with stunning landscapes, rich culture and bustling cities that offer a unique travel experience, so the amount of time you should trip in Morocco depends on your interests and what you want to explore. If you are willing to visit the main cities and the popular tourist attractions then a two-week trip is a good amount of time but if you want to explore the country more. And visit small villages and discover the Moroccan culture and hospitality then a month would be great.

Trip to Morocco:

A two weeks trip to Morocco is a good opportunity to explore the best attractions and some of the main cities of Morocco like Casablanca, Marrakech, Essaouira.. However, here are a suggested itinerary for those who have only two weeks long trip to explore this stunning country, starting from Casablanca city which is a large and stunning city that has beautiful attraction including the Hassan 2 mosque, one of the largest mosques in the world with a towering minaret and stunning Moroccan architecture, exploring the Old medina is another activity to do in Casablanca where you will find bustling souks and shops. Then travel to the bustling city Marrakech and explore the jamaa el fna square wich is a cultural hub, you will find almost everything in this square. Visit the outstanding Koutoubia Mosque and try the Moroccan food in one of the Medina’s restaurants. After that, you can end your trip in Essaouira city which is a coastal city known for its beautiful beaches, relaxed atmosphere and frech seafood, you can explore the medina walking by the narow streets where you will find artisans creating masterpieces with their hands.

Long Trip to Morocco:

A month long trip to Morocco will allow you to explore the country deeply from the sahara desert to the atlass mountains, it promises you to live an unforgettable experience and memorable adventures. However, for instance you can begin this month long trip from the largest city in Morocco. Casablanca where you can explore its vibrant attractions like Hassan 2 mosque, old Medina and corniche Ain Dyab then travel to marrakesh the red city, which is known for for the magnificent Koutoubia Mosque, its historical palaces that represents the Moroccans deep history, culture and pure Moroccan architecture, you can also visit its and beautiful and charming gardens like Majorelle and Menara garden. After that, you can travel to Ourika valley and Atlas Mountains from Marrakech and spend a week in the arms of nature. Once you arrive you can start from having a delicious breakfast next to ourika river. Then you can explore ourika waterfalls and enjoy the stunning views and experience the locals hospitality.

Moreover, if you are a mountaineers, trekker and hiker. Toubkal mountain is a perfect site for these activities. After that, travel to the blue pearl Chefchaoun and enjoy its wonderful attractions. Continue to the historical city Fez and explore its historical attractions. Such as Alqarawiyyin Mosque and old Medina. Then continue to Merzouga the getaway to the Sahara desert. And embark on a camel ride to the desert. Spend a night in a traditional camp under the stars and try other activities like Quad biking or sand boarding. You can end you trip in Agadir, or Essaouira to rest your body and the soul in its beautiful beaches.

In conclusion:

A trip to Morocco can be a wonderful and unique experience with unforgettable memories. Because of the country’s unique blend of culture, beautiful and bustling cities. Extraordinary views and landscapes, arts, music and delicious cuisine. However, no matter how much time you will stay in Morocco, you will absolutely enjoy your trip. However, a long duration trip will allow you to explore the country’s small villages. And hidden attractions and practice more activities like swimming, trekking, camel riding, quad biking, surfing and camping.

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