Is Merzouga desert worth visiting? Merzouga desert is a vast expanse of golden dunes, located in southeastern Morocco, it is approximately 35 kilometers from the town of Rissani and about 55 kilometers from Erfoud. It is known for its stunning landscapes, unique dunes that reach heights of up to 150 meters, and a rich cultural heritage. However, Merzouga desert is a must-visit destination for everyone who is seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural enrichment.

Merzouga is a calm and quiet town in the Sahara, yet it offers a surprisingly big amount of cool fun activities and attractions for every visitor which makes it definitely a worth visiting place. However the Ergg Chebbi dunes are one of the most famous attractions in Merzouga, and it is considered the highest dunes in Morocco reaching up to 150 kilometers in height, and stretching for over 22 kilometers, it is known for their breathtaking views and magical golden dunes.

Visitors to Erg Chebbi dunes can take a camel ride, a popular activity in the desert, to explore the vast golden dunes. Overnight desert camping is also a popular activity that will allow you to spend a night under the stars and enjoy the calmness of the desert. Erg Chebbi is also a popular spot for stargazing and witnessing the sunset and sunrise because of its clear dark Skies therefore it provides an ideal backdrop for observing the stars.

Quad biking is another popular adventure in Merzouga Desert, it is an exciting way for those who prefer a faster pace. It is a cheerful experience that will take you through the golden dunes of Merzouga desert, as you drive through the desert you will feel the thrill of the ride, and along the way you will spot some local wildlife or families living in the the heart of the desert, to make this experience more special you can stop in the high of a dune and enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding landscapes.

Merzouga is also known for its vibrant music scene, particularly the Gnawa music genre. The festival typically takes place in spring and attracts visitors from all over the world. The Gnawa music is characterized by its hypnotic rhythms and traditional instruments. In addition to the musical performance, the festival also features food stalls selling Moroccan traditional cuisine and workshops exhibitions. Therefore, visitors will learn about Morocco’s cultural heritage and experience Moroccan traditional food in Merzouga desert.

In conclusion, visiting Merzouga desert is an unforgettable experience that combines the beauty of the stunning Sahara desert landscapes with the rich cultural heritage of the Moroccan people, making it a special and unforgettable destination worth visiting.

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