Kasbah Hnini stands as a restored kasbah that used to be the gateway to the cultural heritage of Southern Morocco, located in the picturesque Draa Valley in Zagora, near Erg Chegaga desert within the sub-saharan Berber village with 200y/o in southern Morocco. Kasbah Hnini provides a special and immersive experience for travelers seeking an authentic taste of Moroccan cultural hospitality.

As well, this traditional kasbah is surrounded by the vast expanse of the Sahara Desert oasis which is famous for its endless stretches of date palm trees around the valley, The kasbah is identified by a mud brick wall, decorated with involute geometrical patterns it reflects the local artisans’ craftsman who has given his traditional skill from centuries.

Besides, Kasbah Hnini, also named Kasbah Dar Hnini invites travelers to immerse themselves in a convenient blend of history, architecture, and desert beauty. So whether wondering about the sunset over the Sahara or having mint tea in the courtyard of the kasbah, visitors leave with unforgettable memories of a really enjoyable Moroccan experience.

Serenity in Draa Valley:

In addition, Kasbah hnini gives an impression of being surrounding by the tranquil oasis. And within the kasbah’s walls, lush gardens, and shaded alcoves. Which may invite visitors to refresh and enjoy the serenity of the Draa Valley fully. Each room within Kasbah Hnini is a masterpiece. Presenting traditional Berber decorations and modern amenities. Seamlessly integrated to guarantee the comfort of its guests without compromising on authenticity.

As much as Our Excursions to the desert include camel treks, and glamping into the Sahara oasis. Offering a glimpse into the nomadic lifestyle that has shaped southern Morocco for centuries. Check out some of our private tours in Morocco, including accommodation at Kasbah Hnini.

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